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eToro CSV import

To import eToro data with our Custom Exchange Import please follow these steps:

  1. Separate the "Account Activity" sheet into one file. You can copy-paste the table into a new file or copy the sheet into a new one or you could delete all other not-needed tabs of the file.
  2. Upload the file on the Custom Exchange Import page and use the following setting to import the data:

    The setting only allows you to import the data as Deposit and Withdrawal. Therefore you need to change the transaction type on the Enter Coins page once you have successfully imported them.

  3. You can use the "EDIT" feature on the Enter Coins page to change the transaction type. Let say you want to change the Realized PnL (Imported as Deposit/Withdrawal) into Margin Profit or Margin Loss.

    - First, filter the transactions using the search box, then select all the listed transactions (I used "etoro ProfitLoss Deposit" to show all the PnL that was imported as Deposit). Tip: select all the list using CLICK+SHIFT

    - Click on Edit then change those deposits to Margin Profit

    We recommend you change the following transactions: 
  • PnL (Deposit) --> Margin Profit
  • PnL (Withdrawal) --> Margin Loss       
  • Withdrawal Fee --> "Other Fee"  
  • You can delete the unnecessary transaction as well i.e. transaction with zero amount.

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