You can find the button to change multiple entries on the Enter Coins page. 

It offers the ability to modify or delete entries according to conditional parameters at once instead of searching for single entries and deleting/modifying them one by one. Nevertheless there are cases where single entry deletion and modification is the better way or even mandatory e.g. for editing the sell or buy values or the asset value field.

Here are some examples for the use of the feature.

Bulk Edit

User Case - Overwrite Coin (ticker):

If your coin ticker (taking BCAP as an example here) is already occupied by another (old) coin, you can verify this on the coin trend page:

In this case you can rename the ticker name of e.g. BCAP into BCAP2 for all exchanges where transactions with that coin took place.
If the renamed ticker is already listed in CoinTracking (which depends on avaiblabilty on our major coin sources CoinMarketCap or WorldCoinIndex) the correct price from those sources will be set automatically. If it is not (yet) listed there your can set a custom price as described in the article: Entering ICO Coins or Non Listed Assets. 

User Case - change transaction type:

If you created trade groups beforehand as described in this article How to create trade groups you can change the transaction type into another one (overview here: Types of transactions - examples and explanations) by choosing this as a condition. You can also restrict this to one exchange only.

Of course you can combine multiple conditions depending on your needs.

Bulk Delete

With choosing the „Bulk Delete“ tab, you can delete all of your transactions, transactions from some exchanges only and/or from certaindDates (transaction date or import date) via each slider.

This can be utilized as "UNDO" as well, if you imported wrong transactions.


Please note:

We recommend that you perform a backup of all of your trades before any major changes or deletions: Create backup, restore or export your account data