You have lost your password or forgot your username? No worries. We can recover it.


If you lost your password you can do the following steps:

1. Reset on your own if you have a valid E-Mail address set within your account. You only need to click on "forgot?" and you will receive an E-Mail with a new password which we recommend you should change afterwards. 

2. You have set no E-Mail address within your account we could reset your password if you answer the following questions about legitimacy (proof that you are the rightful account owner) - approximately values are okay:
When did you join CoinTracking (account creation)?
When did you log into your account last time?
Which exchanges do you use frequently?
Name 3 coins and which approximate amount of those you own.

Afterwards we will check and compare the account data and reset your password and provide you the new one answering your request, but which we recommend to change afterwards.


If you forgot your username we will search for a mail address you have registered your account with. Please provide us with this mail address. If we could not find a username registered under the E-Mail address provided please let us know another mail address we could search for.

Having forgotten the username and no mail address registered within CoinTracking would be the worst case. If you have purchased a premium membership, the receipt could help us as could guesses about the user name.

2FA authentification:

If you lost your 2FA device please follow the steps mentioned in this article: Lost 2fa device