1) Please ensure ALL your previous BCH trades are correctly added in your CoinTracking account. The amount should exactly match your wallets/exchanges

If it would be a regular fork, you could just create a new income entry with the amount of your BCHSV and a cost basis of 0 USD.

But since we have a name change here as well, this will not work like this.

Also we can not just crate a new trade to sell all your BCH for BCHABC or SV because it would be a taxable event.

That's why our second step is this:

2) Rename ALL your BCH into BCHABC (Enter Coins -> "Bulk Edit/Delete" button -> "Bulk Edit" link at the top -> "Overwrite Coins" from the drop down -> Replace BCH with BCHABC)

This will overwrite all your BCH tickers with BCHABC but will keep the right cost basis for every single transaction.

3) Finally we can enter the fork. Go to the Enter Coins page and add a new "Income" Transaction. Use your number of BCHABC you own as amount and enter "BCHSV" as currency. Enter "2018-11-15" as the transaction date. Then click on the "Edit Asset value" button and overwrite the value with "0.00000001". Ignore the warning and save this trade with the "Add transaction" button.

If done correctly, your amount of ABC and SV will be the same and will match your exchanges and wallets (assuming you got a proper airdrop from them).

Your ABC will have the full cost base of BCH and SV will be 0. This may look weird but is correct for taxes. 

If you sell all your ABC instantly, you will get a loss. If you sell your SV instantly, you will get a profit. The sum of both will be exactly the same profit as if you would have sold all your BCH before the fork (assuming the price did not change since then).