If you are currently importing your data via the Binance API all coin transactions can imported. Binance even provides transaction data history from already delisted coins. All transactions from the "Small Asset Conversion history" (Slider: Dust to BNB conversions) and the "distribution history" (Slider: Dividends) like forked coins, air drops or commissions can be imported as well as the BNB fees.

You can select which data to import in your Binance API job as described in general in this article: Create and delete API Import Job

The "distribution history" and the "conversion history" can't currently be exported from your Binance Account into an Excel or CSV file. So if you are not using the Binance API, but the Binance CSV importer you can enter (copy/paste) this data into our Excel Template and import it in bulk via our Excel Importer.

If you are using BNB as a third currency to pay the fee for any of those trades, you can enable the slider during the CSV import:

 More information can be found in this article: BNB balance wrong due to fees not being deducted