This table contains the sum of all transactions grouped by currency.

  • Remaining Amount: The remaining amount of a currency you own right now (all purchases - all sales). The remaining amount of a coin should be the same as on your dashboard. Otherwise please check this article: White entries (no match) in Missing Transactions Report
  • Cur.: The currency of your remaining amount.
  • Cost per Unit:(*) The amount you have spent in total for one unit of the selected currency.
  • Current Price per Unit: The current market price for one unit of the selected currency.
  • Change: The difference between the market price and your cost in percent.
  • Cost:(*) The total amount you have spent for the entire remaining amount of the selected currency (Remaining Amount * Cost per Unit).
  • Current Value: The current market value for your remaining amount (Remaining Amount * Current Price per Unit). It's the market value you will get, if you sell the full remaining amount right now.
  • Unrealized Gain / Loss: The total gain or loss you will achieve, if you sell your full remaining amount right now (Current Value - Cost).
  • Realized Gain / Loss: The total gain or loss you have achieved with this currency till now.

ICO Coins: ICO Coins and other Coins which are not yet listed on our price sources are listed hier, but noch in the tables above. If you have set a custom price it is shown there and is calculated.

Export: This table could be exported due to the export buttons in different layouts.

Sorting of columns: Click on the column header/name to change the sorting. With SHIFT-Click there could be more columns sorted at the same time.

Prices and Values in columns marked with a (*) symbol could be change with the Counterpart/Transaction price filter on the top of the page.