*****This article is only applicable for Margin Trades that have NOT been automatically imported by Bitfinex or Kraken. (For these exchanges you only need to make sure that you click on the "Calculate Margin Trades" button in the tax report which will calculate them correctly and no separate tax report is necessary)*****

One of the issues with exchanges is that they treat margins like normal trades.

But that is wrong since you can use leverage and thus "sell" more than you have.

Thus a normal calculation is not entirely applicable.

Therefore we need to declare margin ideally as 'Gain' or 'Loss' .

We recommend to exclude margin trades from the tax report if you did big numbers of them. Instead include their gain/loss separately in the tax report.

To achieve this you do the following:

1) Open the Trade List Full View page and click on the filter (top right)

2) Deactivate all groups except "Margin" and change the date to a full year (e.g. 01.01.2016 - 31.12.2016)

3) Scroll down and you will find all the margin buy and sell values in EUR.

Don't be surprised when your numbers are high. That's normal because you move big amounts with the leverages.

The difference between the Buy number (what you received) minus the Sell number (what you spent) is your gain.

You can export the results as an excel file and add to your tax report.

When you do the tax report for the rest of the crypto currencies, please deactivate 'Margin' in the filter, since this was already calculated.

In the end you will have 2 reports and 100% correct data.