There are two ways to calculate the cost basis:

Average of unsold Assets as Cost Basis and Average of all Assets as Cost Basis.

We recommend using the Average of unsold Assets method.

If, however, the remaining amount of a coin is very low, this can lead to unnaturally high (but mathematically correct) values.

It's like a Break Even Price calculation. The smaller the remaining amount, the higher the cost basis.

Assuming you have only one thousandth of a coin left, you would have to sell it for an astronomically high price to reach the break even.

In this case we recommend using the Average of all Assets method.

If the values are still wrong, check if all your trades were imported into CoinTracking.

If long trades are missing, the values will not be correct.

Please move the mouse over the infoboxes (in the upper right corner of each box) on the Realized and Unrealized Gains page to see more information about the calculations and the settings. 

Please note:

It is imperative that all purchases and sales are entered correctly and completely into CoinTracking.

If purchased coins are missing, this will lead to warnings and incorrect values for all gains calculations!