(Please find the detailed version below)

  • Please ensure all your trades have been imported correctly.
  • Try to remember, whether you had some trades on other exchanges that are not listed in CoinTracking.
  • Some exchange imports can not import deposits and withdrawals. You will have to enter them manually.
  • Please try to remove all your trades and import them step by step. Always confirm the imported data on the Enter Coins page.
  • Decide which way you want to track your trades on CoinTracking. See Different ways to track your portfolio for more details.
  • We can only import trades that are listed in a CSV file or an API. We do not have any influence over the accuracy of this data. If some trades are missing, please try to add them manually.
  • Please try to get familiar with the tracking system of CoinTracking. Usually it will take you some time at the beginning to import all your trades correctly.
  • Please read through this FAQ for more information.

The most common causes for incorrect or negative values are:

1. You did not import all your trades into CoinTracking

The main reason for incorrect values is the fact that not all of your trades have been imported.

The lack of trades distorts the entire balance sheet and can lead to wrong values.


You bought 10 ETH at Poloniex
A little later you sold 2 ETH at Kraken

If you only import the trades of Kraken, you will see a negative balance of -2 ETH.
Only when you import your Poloniex trades as well, you will see a positive balance of 8 ETH.

Always check that you have entered all your purchases and sales completely in CoinTracking so that no values are missing.

Also consider whether you have bought coins on exchanges that already closed or if you got come coins as a gift. If so, enter them manually.

2. Your transactions between exchanges or wallets (deposits & withdrawals) are not correct or incomplete

The second most common cause of incorrect values are false or missing transactions between exchanges or wallets.

Note that transactions between two addresses (including exchanges and wallets) must always be entered with two entries.


You have transfered 1 BTC from Wallet A to Exchange B
Create 2 entries:
(OUT) Withdrawal of 1 BTC from Exchange = Wallet A
(IN) Deposit of 1 BTC to Exchange = Exchange B

And this is where the mistake often happens.

If you entered only the withdrawal your displayed value is too low.

If you entered only the deposit the value is too high.

In both cases your balance will be distorted.

Please check whether all your transactions between two addresses have been entered correctly.

Some importers can not import deposits and withdrawals, because they are not listed in the CSV.

In such a case, enter the missing transactions manually.

Alternatively, you can correct your values by deleting all your deposits and withdrawals.

This is done on the Enter Coins page, by filtering for 'IN' and 'OUT', selecting the results and then deleting them.

If you have completely imported all your trades, your coin values will be correct.

Note, however, that deleting all deposits and withdrawals may fix your total coin amount and value, but distorts the 'Balance by Exchange' calculations.

Since your deposit and withdrawals will always cancel each other out, your CoinTracking balance after deletion will be very close to your actual value (the only exception being transaction fees that will be missing).

3. You have swapped something in your coin entry

Look at your trades on the Enter Coins page and check that everything is correct.

Perhaps you have mistyped the name of a coin? Some coins sound very similar.

4. The exchange you are using, does not provide all transactions

Unfortunately not all exchanges can import all transactions. Some do not provide deposits and withdrawals, and some can only import the last x weeks.

Please have a look at the instruction on the import page and the Import FAQ for any import restrictions.

In case an exchange do not provide all date, you will need to enter it manually.

5. You have open Margin Trades

Please see this article for information.

If you can not find the missing difference despite this instruction, you can clear negative coins with a manual deposit (IN) equal to the negative sum.

However, this can increase the gain and thus also the tax.

If you have purposefully entered negative values, you can ignore the warning in the box.